Podcast: UCB Business Model

21 May in Insights by webadmin

Dr Yi Li with Joanna (L) the co-founder of UCB

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COVID-19 Response

30 April in UCB Education by joanna

Our project:

Every child should have access to basic health and well-being resources, services and education. Without proper hygiene and sanitation, commun

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Scaling Up Rural Sanitation and Hygiene

21 January in Insights by joanna

Safe drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene are crucial to human health and wellbeing. Sanitation and hygiene is no

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Bersepeda di jerman

13 November in Insights by webadmin

Apa cara yang lebih baik untuk melihat-lihat kota-kota kecil di Jerman selain duduk di sadel belakang? Mengambil salah satu tur sepeda kami di Jerman dapat membawa Anda berkeliling di kawasan anggur Baden-Wurttember yang mena

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Cycle with UCB in Germany

12 November in Insights by joanna

What better way to sight-see little local towns of Germany than on the back of a saddle? Taking one of our bike tours in Germany can take you around the stunning Baden-Wurttember wine region or through the charming villages s

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Family & Friends Events

12 September in Insights by joanna

Bali is a dream destination for a special family or friends gathering.

Inspired by our guests from all around the world, our family an

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Our visit to North Sumatra

4 August in Insights by joanna

In July 2019, I decided to visit North Sumatra to develop a better understanding of social enterprises and impact investors in the region and to simply explore the natural ecosystem. We arrived in Medan, the fourth most popul

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Climb Mount Bromo in East Java

23 June in Insights by joanna

Centuries of cultural evolution, complex language, music, arts and the relatively new increased freedom of expression mark Indonesia. Today, Surabaya a culturally rich city is the passage to the peak of Javanese sacred Mount

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188 School Backpacks until Christmas

12 June in Insights by joanna

For some children in the village, receiving a school backpack is the only new thing they have ever had and it makes such a difference to their lives.

You can make a differe

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