Family Art Workshops

7 February in Insights by joanna

UCB collaborates with I Komang Adiartha, the Founder of Kulidan who offers 2h long family linocut workshops for AUD 30 per adult and AUD 18 per child. This workshop is suitable for children, beginners, up-skilling art teacher

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{our 2022 weddings} in Bali

7 October in Insights by joanna

We have two stories to tell.

July 29, 2022, was the day Komang and his wonderful wife Kadek entered a new chapter in their life! Here we offer you a glimpse of this specia

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School Backpack Christmas Campaign 2022

7 October in Insights by joanna

For some children in the village, receiving a school backpack is the only new thing they have ever had, and it makes such a difference in their lives.

You can make a differ

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G’day, my name is Tom and I am an Australian university student

26 October in Insights by webadmin

🟢 Tom featured on the right! This semester I have been undertaking a social research project as part of my final core subject within my degree. This unit has been run through PACE at Macquarie University and has seen m

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The Social Entrepreneurship Innovation Challenge 2022

28 September in Insights by joanna

You can change the world — if you just give yourself permission. The biggest barrier by far to having all the satisfaction in life of being an effective social entrepreneur is paying atte

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Meet UCB Apprentices

12 August in Insights by webadmin

Hey, I’m Tom [center]. I am in my final year of my Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Philosophy. My interest in social science initially started with a keen interest in humans and the humanities. I curre

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Podcast: UCB Business Model

21 May in Insights by webadmin

Impact at the core of each business model can be the new normal. One common belief is that having impact at the core of a business (or an investment) produces lower returns than conventional strategies, despi

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COVID-19 Response

30 April in UCB Education by joanna

Our project:

Every child should have access to basic health and well-being resources, services and education. Without proper hygiene and sanitation, commun

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Scaling Up Rural Sanitation and Hygiene

21 January in Insights by joanna

Safe drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene are crucial to human health and wellbeing. Sanitation and hygiene is no

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