Meet UCB Apprentices

20 March in Insights by joanna  

Meet Caitlin Healy

I am studying a Bachelor of Social Science at Macquarie University, majoring in Development Studies and Culture Change and minoring in Gender Studies. I am extremely passionate about global social concerns such as gender equality and empowering the health and lives of communities.

My objective is to be able to contribute to positive social change through UCB’s feminine hygiene and sanitation program for the SdEnamManukaya Primary School. I aim to achieve active community engagement and empowerment through education and employment, and boost UCB’s fundraising campaign to provide a new school toilet and sanitary items to support girls through puberty and menstruation.

I have been greatly inspired by the resilience and the determination of the women in my life and in the world despite the challenges and disadvantages they have suffered. From female specific health concerns to campaigning for equal rights, the women of the world continue to inspire me to be stronger and to continue to work towards a better future where there is equity for all. Some of my favourite inspiring women include: my mother, my friends, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sojourner Truth and Malala Yousafzai.

It is incredible to be able to communicate with the team in Bali so that we ensure our research is collaborative and the needs of the community are heard. It allows us to take a culturally appropriate and multidirectional approach to positive social and environmental change. This ultimately provides us with valuable local insight into how best we can implement our programs to make significant and sustainable impact.

Meet Stephanie McPherson

I am in my final semester completing a Bachelor of Social Science at Macquarie University, with a major Sociology. I have been working in children services for five years and am passionate about the rights of children.

I hope to have a positive impact, achieving the fundraising goal for new bathroom facilities for SdEnamManukaya primary school, in Bali, Indonesia. I also hope to gain further insight into motivating factors in donating and contributing toward fundraising campaigns.

I am inspired by creation and vast landscapes. I am inspired by the people in my life and the kindness and patience they have for others.

I have enjoyed being in contact with the team in Bali and am encouraged by the passion they have to help and support their community and local school. They are so willing to help and be in contact and do so with such positivity.

Meet Emily Rose

I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Social Science with a Major in Public Policy Law and Governance and Macquarie University. Having a keen interest in policy frameworks and governance I understand that through reformed programs and policies we can provide new opportunities and equality.

What you aim to achieve?

By providing each child with an understanding of the physical and emotional changes through puberty, and educating young women on effective Menstrual Hygiene Management I hope to booster student’s self-esteem and ease the transition into adolescence. Additionally, I wish to help UCB with their bathroom fundraiser and partner with western stakeholders to provide sanitary items to SdEnamManukaya’s young girls.

What inspired you in life?

Seeing that optimism kindness, and generosity is shared by people throughout the world and from every walk of life.

How do you communicate with UCB’s team in Bali?

UCB has a wonderful Bali team. Each member provides a unique skillset and perspective that helps from our program. Working alongside such an informed team enables us to understand the needs of SdEnamManukaya Primary School to create an effective, long-term program that embodies the aims, values, and culture of the school.