Our Story

The scale of the world’s problems has changed – and so must our response. Despite generating unprecedented wealth, our current economic system has created significant inequalities and left too many people far behind. Since 2014 UCB has focused on sustainable economic growth across the Gianyar region, quality education, the creation of sustainable cities and the empowerment of all women and girls. We also foster partnerships for sustainable development.

Job : Co-Founder and CEO
Tour of Choice : Eco-cycling
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UCB is not just a bicycle business; we are a social enterprise that aims to create a social and environmental impact in the Tampaksiring region of Bali. In 2014, Joanna went to Bali for the first time. During her trip, she went on a cycling tour and met Komang, the tour guide, who later became the co-founder at UCB. Komang's dream was to create social impact in his region through entrepreneurial approaches. Our solution was to set up a social enterprise wherein Komang could also educate outsiders (including myself) about local wisdom and the significance of Balinese culture. First, we developed a website to be able to communicate with the world, and second, we started a crowdfunding campaign (in 2014) to raise capital and purchase bicycles, baby seats and helmets for our customers. Finally, we started engaging with local leaders, the community and a local school to learn more about the community's needs. Today, we employ local non-skilled workers passionate about cycling and social impact. The most crucial aspect of UCB in our social enterprise is our family; we respect and care for them enormously.

Job : Co-Founder and COO
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In 2014 Komang was introduced to social entrepreneurship. He quickly learned that opening a new venture is a lot of hard work, especially in the first two years. One of the biggest misconceptions was that once you have a digital presence, everything will fall into place, but building and engaging community and trust among guests were time-consuming. Komang’s passion for giving back in beautiful tropical Bali kept him motivated. We can finally see and measure the positive impact a few years later.

Job : Education Facilitator
Tour of Choice : Cultural Tour
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April followed her father’s footsteps and has an important role to play at her local school ‘SdEnamManukaya’. She is enabling all her students to maximise their talents, imagination, skills and character. Aprila acts at UCB as an educational facilitator and informs us about the school’s needs and also creates a space for innovation within the school. We develop jointly students awareness education initiatives with a focus on sustainability, menstrual awareness and sanitation practices. From March 2020, Aprila will be working with Australian sociology students and apply the Theory of Change to find interventions for better outcomes. Aprial has incredible joy working with the community and welcomes our guests and volunteers who are sharing their knowledge to students.

Job : Adviser
Tour of Choice : Cultural
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Hello changemakers! I’m Joshua Santos , a firm believer in the power of collaboration to address the shared challenges we’re facing today! Before the COVID-19 outbreak, I had the awesome opportunity to visit Bli Komang at the Tampaksiring region in Bali and witness the great works of the UCB. Since then, I’m pleased to have come on board in support of this project. As a 2020 New Colombo Plan Scholar and final year Macquarie University student undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) with a degree of Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, I hope to apply my disciplinary knowledge to pursue projects either in the marketing & media, social entrepreneurship or public service spaces; alongside playing my part to advance United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for Good Health and Wellbeing, Reduced Inequalities, and Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. With my background as an Alumni delegate for the 38th Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program alongside my upcoming delegation at the inaugural Indo-Pacific Student Mobility Youth Dialogue; I look forward to applying my diverse insights to support UCB. But more importantly, come forward with a beginner’s mind and learn from others in this collaborative UCB process.