Our Story

For the last four years UCB focused on sustainable economic growth across the Gianyar region, quality education, the creation of sustainable cities and empowerment of all women and girls. We also foster partnerships for sustainable development.

Job : Co-Founder and CEO
Tour of Choice : Eco-cycling
Fave Pastime : Yoga
Say Hello : hello@ubudcycling.bike


In 2014, Joanna went to Bali for the first time. During her trip she went on a cycling tour and met Komang, the tour guide, who later became the co-founder at UCB. Komang's dream was to create an impact across his community and at the same time he was hoping to establish his own venture one day. The people of Indonesia have captivated Joanna and she hoped that by utilising her digital marketing skills she could create a small impact. Joanna became determine to create a platform for Komang to run his own venture, where simultaneously he could give back to his community. In August, 2014 UCB was launched and with the help of family and friends, UCB was able to raise funds to purchase bicycles.

Job : Co-Founder and COO
Tour of Choice : Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek
Fave Pastime : Soccer
Say Hello : hello@ubudcycling.bike


In 2014 Komang was introduced to digital marketing, social media and latest trends in social entrepreneurship. He quickly learned that opening a new venture is a lot of hard work, especially the first two years. One of the biggest misconceptions was that once you have digital present everything will fall into place, but building an engaging community, and also building trust among guests was time consuming. Komang’s passion to give back in beautiful tropical Bali kept him motivated. Now few years later, we can finally see and measure positive impact.

Job : Education Facilitator
Tour of Choice : Cultural Tour
Fave Pastime : Baking
Say Hello : hello@ubudcycling.bike


April followed her father’s footsteps and has an important role to play at her local school ‘SdEnamManukaya’. She is enabling all her students to maximise their talents, imagination, skills and character. Aprila acts at UCB as an educational facilitator and informs us about the school’s needs and also creates a space for innovation within the school. She has incredible joy working with the community and welcomes our guests and volunteers who are sharing their knowledge to students.