Scaling Up Rural Sanitation and Hygiene

21 January in Uncategorized by webadmin  

Safe drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene are crucial to human health and wellbeing. Sanitation and hygiene is not only a prerequisite to health, but contributes to livelihoods, school attendance and dignity and helps to create resilient communities living in healthy environments (World Health Organisation, 2020)

As some of you already know we are a social enterprise and always strive to co-create blended value: social, environmental and economic value. As such this year we decided to start a new project at our local school with 188 children and raise funds or partner with corporations to build a new water Clivus Multrum system where a waterless school toilet can save up to 60,000 liters of water.

What is a Clivus Multrum system?

It is a composting toilet system used in homes, businesses, public facilities and national parks around Australia. Every year households and schools waste millions and millions liters of water. This water is literally going down the drain when it could be put to much better use. In Bali, the famous Green School is using the very same system for their students.

Our current school toilet is not very pretty nor sustainable and it has a negative influence on our students

Our goal is to purchase the Clivus Multrum system and at the same time re-design the school toilet completely… We had something creative in mind.

If your company would like to contribute and allocate their Corporate Social Responsibility budget towards this project please get in touch or pm us on social media.