Happy Library Project

UCB is determined to emphasise the significance of libraries with an aim to recognise the importance of our school library and information services as providers of services for adults and children who may otherwise be disadvantaged by their lack of access to information. We strive to improve our community and debate the approaches by the ministry of education. Teachers in Bali are underpaid but act as key agents and lead to transformation of change. Many teachers at our local schools have other jobs to support their families.

Our social enterprise aims to enable educational support and training for teachers. The ‘Happy Library Project’ is twofold as it invites all guests to donate school accessories and books but at the same time offers online resources under UCB Education on our platform for teachers to access latest good teaching practices.

How to get involved? If you are a teacher and would like to share your content for our teachers please get in touch hello@ubudcycling.bike

You can also donate books and other school accessories, or your time at our local school. You will need to have completed teacher education studies (Masters level), have experience teaching and have kids background check and also a police check. The minimum period to teach at our school is six months. It will be a big bonus if you speak Bahasa Indonesia!