3 Benefits of Vacationing Somewhere New

1 November in Insights by joanna

Moving into summer (Southern Hemisphere-Australia), we start to plan our holiday gateways. It’s easy to take off to the same location each year and we often select comfort, clea

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How to Become a Profitable Social Enterprise in Indonesia

23 October in Insights by joanna

Social enterprises in Indonesia have only recently gained serious traction and already position themselves as game changers in an area largely dominated by public actors. In respo

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Modern View on Education

17 October in Insights by webadmin

by Christina Smolenski, Education Project Manager

I’ve decided to kick off this first post here with some good educational theory to shift our thinking from traditional (beha

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Media Release 2014

7 September in Tour by komang

Empowering Youth in Indonesia

Creating and supporting local businesses in Indonesia is an effective way to empower local youth who have little or no resources

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Gianyar Community: Creating a Better World

7 September in Insights by joanna

Every photo tells a story…. this one shows a Balinese women making tempeh in her home backyard. As a visitor to Bali it might take an act of imagination to notice that food secu

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