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Gianyar Community: Creating a Better World

Gianyar Community: Creating a Better World

02:36 15 June in Insights

UbudCycling.Bike is on a mission to create a better world for future generations. By offering financial support to local youth who can operate their businesses and invest to start up and build a strong foundation you are empowering their local economy and providing tools they require to grow and thrive! In Bali, there are as many as 162,051 people living in poverty and this figure has been on the increase. In the villages, the rate at which the number of poor is rising is twice as much as that of Bali’s urban areas. In the Balinese countryside, it is estimated that more than 77,400 people are living in poverty. Good news in the fight for education and youth empowerment in developing countries.

More people are looking for a purpose in their life and large organisations are focusing on purpose economy as stated by Aaron Hurst in his new book “Purpose Economy”. Joanna a marketing expert and doctoral student is living in Sydney and has access to all digital resources and skills to build a better future. Joanna visited Indonesia in January 2014 and quickly observed that not everyone has the same privilege and access or funds to education. Her mission was to empower at first ONE person who later can create a RIPPLE EFFECT and empower the next one. Komang is a young Balinese local man with a BIG DREAM and incredible energy and ambition! The moment he was offered to create his own cycling business with Joanna’s support he quickly decided he would like to take all his cycling tourists after their tour to his local primary school located in a village he grew up. Since his father is working at the school Komangorganised English program placements and volunteer opportunities for anyone wanting to stay longer in Bali and contribute by offering their English skills/lessons to 150 kids!

We have been also listed on letsplayplanet and can use the content http://www.letsplayplanet.com/en/user/ubudcyclingbike/

For additional information contact:
Joanna Vogeley | UbudCycling.BIkeubudcyclingbike@gmail.com |
m: +61 432 022 939

About UbudCycling.Bike
Founded in August 2014, UbudCycling.BIke is an Indonesian owned and operated company.We pride ourselves in being one of Bali’s local eco cycling tour companies taking our tourists on discovery journeys. UbudCyclingBikebelieves in purpose driven economy and the empowerment of future generations. We hope to improve the lives of Gianyar community by providing employment and youth empowerment courses in our remote school.

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